The Jain Society of Metropolitan Chicago (JSMC), the Federation of Jain Associations in North America (JAINA) Education Committee, and Young Jains of America (YJA) Daytime Programming Committee invite you to participate in the 3rd biennial YJA Jain Academic Bowl (JAB).

What is the Jain Academic Bowl?

The Jain Academic Bowl (JAB) is a team-based competition for young Jains. Topics range from Jain scriptures, prayers, and philosophy to Jain geography, history, and Jainism in the modern world.

This YJA Convention, we will be changing the format of the traditional JAB game by introducing three new rounds, each of which will encourage teamwork and collaboration. We hope that the new style will be fun, exciting, and informative for everyone involved!

JAB Semi-Finalists

Congratulations to the following 20 JAB Semifinalists who will be competing for 1st place in July!


Aaryan Shah
Hoffman Estates, IL

Harshita Jain
Edison, NJ

Meera Baid
Naperville, IL

Palak Shah
Edison, NJ

Shilpi Shah
Novi, MI


Nitya Jani
Hawthorn Woods, IL

Rihi Jain
Edison, NJ

Riya Shah
Farmington Hills, MI

Shreyal Gandhi
Ashburn, VA

Vaarin Shroff
Inverness, IL


Aditya Shah
Edison, NJ

Priyal Shah
West Bloomfield, MI

Saagar Shah
Kendall Park, NJ

Sohail Daulat
Phoenix, AZ

Yashwee Kothari
Parsippany, NJ


Achal Shah
Monroe, NJ

Chintan Maheshwari
Farmington Hills, MI

Diksha Kurwa
Cypress, TX

Mihir Zaveri
Farmington Hills, MI

Sneh Shah
Chicago, IL

Format & Guidelines

We hope this format will be accessible to both people who have participated previously and people who are new to JAB. Additionally, the teams will be composed of participants from different cities, allowing players to meet new people! Regardless of prior experience, everyone is encouraged to “take a JAB” at this event!

The tournament will consist of two matches during the YJA Convention. All teams will compete in the semifinal round and the winning teams will advance to the final round, which will be hosted in front of the entire Convention audience. Due to limited capacity, we may hold a preliminary selection of players depending on the level of interest.

Round 1
Who Wants to be a Tirthankar?: Based off the popular TV game show “Who wants to be a Millionaire?”, contestants will be presented with a question and have the opportunity to move up the points ladder if answered correctly. See if you have what it takes to make it all the way to the top and achieve moksha!

Round 2
Deal or no Deal: Deal or No Deal has been on Channel 4 since October, 2005: Over ten years and nearly 3,000 shows now coming to YJA. Answer a question correctly and open a briefcase to claim points for your team. Be careful: some cases will have negative points!

Round 3
Jain Family Feud: Two teams face off in the YJA edition of the popular game show “Family Feud” hosted by Steve Harvey. See if you can guess the most popular answers to questions about Jainism. But be careful! Three strikes and the other team can steal all your points!


If you are interested in learning some of the content for JAB, a good resource to look at is the JAB Manual, which can be found online at, and YJA Pathshala, at We will later let teams know which chapters in the manual the competition questions will be drawn from.

JAB Administrative Team

Your 2018 JAB Administrative Team consists of Ayush Jain (MD), Darshi Shah (MA), Divya Shah (TX), Juhi Shah (IL), Milan Jain (OH), and Parin Shah (IL).

Helping them are your 2018 Daytime Programming Convention Committee Co-Leads: Bansari Shah (IL), Foram Shah (DC), Neelam Savla (CA), Parshva Vakharia (NJ).

Questions, comments, concerns? Please reach out to and we will be happy to discuss JAB with you further!